A sports bra versus a Carole Martin Active Comfort Bra
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A sports bra versus a Carole Martin Active Comfort Bra

September 25, 2013

A sports bra versus a Carole Martin Active Comfort Bra

We at Carole Martin Comfort Wear  - as our name suggests - are in the comfort wear business. Specifically Comfort bras: Carole Martin Comfort Bras.

People often ask us why we don't come up with a new sports bra. The answer lies partly in the fact the traditional Carole Martin Comfort bra customer is a mature individual looking for an inexpensive yet comfortable alternative to under-wired, constricting , bomb proof garment that may be stylish and expensive but a little short on comfort. The other part of the answer is that the sports bra market is flooded with well known brands featuring products that provide  a high degree of compression  to the point of flattening the breasts against the chest wall. Generally, these compression style bras perform the function they were designed for: Limit the upward and downward movement of the breasts with the use of straps, a tight band below the breast line and maybe a high neckline. And, did I mention the retail price?  Somewhere in the $30 s, $40 even into the $50 s depending on where you shop.

The sports bra is generally targeted for women engaged in high impact physical activities like running and aerobics.  This is generally not the style of bra Carole Martin women are looking for. 

Our customers have asked us to design a bra that delivers a combination comfort and support, suitable for low impact exercise activities such as walking, hiking, gardening, cycling, skiing, golf and even yoga.  Kind of a sports bra lite. So, the Carole Martin Comfort Wear design team came up with the Active Comfort Bra

Made with a breathable microfiber, the Carole Martin Active Comfort Bra delivers light to medium support with a racerback design that keeps you snug without being constrictive.  As with all our Carole Martin Comfort Bra styles,  each size of the Active Comfort Bra is designed to fit B, C, D and even DD cups. No need to worry about your cup size, just select your band size - 34 to 44 - and you're good to go.

And finally, you'll love the price at $14.95, we pay the shipping.

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