Bra Shopping Nightmares - Avoid the Ordeal
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Bra Shopping Nightmares - Avoid the Ordeal

March 15, 2013

Bra Shopping Nightmares - Avoid the Ordeal

When’s the last time you used ”bra shopping” and “fun” in the same sentence? Shopping for personal attire is something that most women look forward to. But turn that into a bra shopping trip and you’ll get a much different response. After years of misinformation, most of us probably understand that the number in the bra size refers to the size of our girth and the letter the size of our breast. With that kind of enlightenment, finding the perfect bra should be easy, right?

Not true, finding a proper fit still eludes most of us. It is estimated that over two thirds of women spend their lives wearing their most important foundational garment, ill-fitted and uncomfortable. I hearken back to my early bra-shopping escapades when, as a young mother with preschoolers in tow, I entered the family department store to “pick up a new bra”. Like it was just another item on a shopping list . . . NOT! Twelve boxes later and youngsters gushing out the undersides of the fitting room, I left in a frazzle.

“My old bra’s not so bad”, I gently reminded myself. Then there was the figure-flattering, off-the-shelf underwire jobbie. The damage inflicted by that cruel beast took years to get over.  Padded, molded, sculpted, plunge, cross strap, strapless, backless, halter, underwire, seamless, foam cup, soft cup, gel cup, C cup, D cup, pastie, push-up, enhancing, minimizing, training, nursing, racing, -- too much information! Please, just give me something that fits and is comfortable!

We spend over half our lives in our bras. Finding ones that fit correctly can mean comfort, not to mention enhancing the fit and feel of our clothing. If your bust line differs in any way from “normal”, and most of ours do, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of not being able to find the right fit.

Carole Martin bras take the guesswork out of bra shopping. Simply measure your rib cage at the point where your bra sits and add five inches. That’s all the information you need to order your Carole Martin bra. The specially designed fabric adjusts to any breast size so no need to guess at the correct cup size.  Carole Martin bras are also available at popular stores like WalMart, Giant Tiger, Jean Coutu, M. Rossy, Uniprix, Familiprix, Brunet, Pipers, and Escomptes Lecompte. Customers love their Carole Martin bras and the different styles ensure that there is one to fit every taste.

What are you waiting for? Try one out today and feel the difference!

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