Feeling and looking beautiful at any age
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Feeling and looking beautiful at any age

September 11, 2012

Feeling and looking beautiful at any age

It’s often said that “30 is the new 20”, but even more often you’ll hear “50 is the new 20.” Celebrities including supermodel Iman, megastar Madonna, and timeless beauty and actress Helen Mirren are among the women who are changing our perceptions of what happens with age.

There’s been much speculation about what sorts of procedures the celebrities have to keep their youthful looks, but that doesn’t mean that cosmetic surgery is inherently wrong: Do what makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. Some women experiment with procedures that pull and fill wrinkles and bags away; and some women age more naturally. Most embrace the changes and wisdom that come with each passing year!

You’ve lived through 20s, 30s and possibly even your 40s feeling extra image-conscious in a youth-obsessed culture. Be confident in your skin today, and let go of the clothes, accessories and look that no longer work for you. Getting older certainly doesn’t mean letting go of your looks, but it’s never too late to ditch your hang-ups.

Be confident that no matter the shifts you make in your wardrobe, you look good—even if the skirts are a little longer, and your shoes are more modest. Age-appropriate comfort is important.
You don’t have to become your mother; you might look a bit like her, but you can reinvent your version of 40, 50 or 60 with your own take.

And follow the mantra less is more. That applies to makeup, sun exposure and tanning, and undergarments. You deserve easy living with our most comfortable bra: the Full Freedom comfort bra. Or try any of Carole Martin’s comfort bras for women of all ages for as little as $14.95.


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