Five Tips for Staying Young
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Five Tips for Staying Young

April 09, 2013

Five Tips for Staying Young

Here at Carole Martin comfort wear, we appreciate the benefits of living well. We offer a range of comfortable bras that will not only give you the support you’re looking for, but also unrivalled comfort. Read on for some great tips on staying young!

Stay true to your values

Continually striving to be what you think someone else expects of you will bankrupt your soul. Living a life of such compromise creates constant inner turmoil and the resulting stress accelerates the aging process. Don’t underestimate this one, your inner self will provide good guidance about what’s right for you. Just don’t fool yourself by hearing only what you want to hear. Some of the choices you need to make will require self discipline and personal commitment.

Maintain balance

All things in moderation. It’s OK, and even desirable to do things that are a little out there from time to time. However, in the midst of adventures that challenge and excite you there needs to dwell an inner sense of balance and stability driven by logical decisions.

Make healthy life choices

Use the 80/20 eating rule, try to get enough sleep at least 80% of the time and commit to eating a healthy diet at least 80% of the time. Along with healthy eating is the need for daily physical activity. Incorporate things that you enjoy doing into your daily regime. If you like swimming, sign up for a regular swimming time at the end of your workday.

Avoid unhealthy habits

If you drink alcohol, do so in moderation and avoid harmful habits such as drug and tobacco use. Addiction replaces healthy decision making with a drive to feed the substance’s never ending demand to be satisfied. These unhealthy habits cruelly add years of premature wear on our bodies and rob us in other ways as well. For instance, someone addicted to social media will trade copious amounts of time that otherwise would have been spent interacting with family and friends - a choice that they’ll surely regret when real life relationships fall apart or simply drift away due to neglect.

Try new things

Don’t get caught in the “same old same old” rut. Be open to trying new things. Just be sure that you understand who you are so that you don’t get caught up in choices that compromise your personal values and beliefs. That doesn’t make you young; it makes you stupid and unhappy. Also, remember that being young doesn’t mean acting like a teenager. Youthfulness is a frame of mind that stays fresh, engaged and optimistic. 

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