Green underwear Recycling your bras
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Green underwear Recycling your bras

November 21, 2012

Green underwear Recycling your bras

All bras, even the best bras, have an expiry date. It’s sad to see our best support-ers go. What should you do when you’re left with sagging lace, baggy elastic and hooks? Save it from a landfill and recycle it!

Unfortunately, most bras are not biodegradable, but they are reusable. Actress and eco-activist Alicia Silverstone claims she’s never thrown a bra out. Silverstone might be ahead of the curve: Recycling and upcycling bras is growing in popularity globally.

In the UK, Oxfam gather bras for women in West Africa to buy and sell. An organization in Arizona, The Bra Recyclers, collects used bras for women in need, in your communities, and in faraway countries. The organization works with developing nations and local women’s shelters throughout North America. Check out their website for information about drop-off locations.

U.S.-based Free the Girls collects donated second-hand bras so that survivors of sex trafficking can run a business with other women.

In Japan, recycled bras are turned into refuse paper and plastic fuel that’s more efficient and clean than coal. Triumph, one of Japan’s leading lingerie brands, and Wacoal, have transformed almost 400,000 bras into power!

If you’re feeling bold, you could also use your old bras in a do-it-yourself craft project. Bras make eye-catching purses or wall art (think pin-up chic!). Do a Google search for some great ideas for crafting with bras.

Now when the time comes to let your trusty Carole Martin Comfort Bra go, remember these great and green options for giving your most comfortable bra a second life.

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