How to Find a Larger Fit
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How to Find a Larger Fit

March 26, 2013

How to Find a Larger Fit

Are you a queen-sized woman? Having difficulty finding a bra? You’re not alone. Store displays offer 36Cs of every style and color. Online sites that claim to serve larger women, parade sexy models that are far from large, save their bust lines. If you happen to live in a small town, good luck finding a store with your size, not to mention a professional who has the expertise to fit you correctly. Even if you are lucky enough to have access to a lingerie outlet, you likely have had difficulty finding products to meet your unique needs. “Imperfections” such as different-sized breasts are common to all women but accentuated in the larger woman. Such dilemmas simply can’t be accommodated with traditional brassiere products.

The humiliation many plus-sized women feel trying on lingerie products can be too much for all but the most confident divas to face. As a result, many large women simply buy products without trying them on in the hope that they will fit. They get home only to find they don’t and then are faced with the second ordeal – returning the purchase. Most simply tuck their mistake out of sight and try again when they’ve ratcheted up the courage. It is an expensive and debasing process.  

Finding comfortable, supportive bra products is a challenge for large women to say the least. More often than not, issues like breasts that bulge over the top of cups, straps that dig into shoulders, underwire that dig in and cause damage and pain, and lumps and bumps that protrude above and below the band are simply tolerated. Some full-sized women have difficulty finding a bra that will centre between their breasts. Most are familiar with the discomfort of a bra that rides up their back, others, finding a bra that will lift their breasts to an attractive height.

Wearing an ill-fitted bra is not only uncomfortable and unsightly but it can pose health risks, particularly for back health. Posture is an important factor in maintaining back health. An ill-fitted bra can leave you slouching in an unconscious effort to keep the apparatus in the proper position. Stretch marks are another consideration for the full-figured women. Without proper support, undue strain is placed on breast tissue resulting in separation. This kind of damage is permanent, painful and results in unsightly scars. Maintaining healthy circulation is another consideration in bra fit. An overly tight brassiere can restrict blood flow.

But don’t lose hope. There are great products available now that eliminate these problems, and allow you to forgo the bra-shopping gauntlet. Here at Carole Martin, we offer North America’s favorite comfort bra, as well as several other equally comfortable and well fitting bras. Check out our website, and take advantage of our specials! Free shipping too, on all orders!

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