Is It a Good Idea to Sleep in a Bra ?
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Is It a Good Idea to Sleep in a Bra ?

February 06, 2013

Is It a Good Idea to Sleep in a Bra ?


Women suffer from a lot of confusion regarding sleeping in a bra. Some feel that the extra support provided by a bra prevents sagging and helps in retaining a good shape while others simply baulk at the idea. Moreover, the several notions that float around regarding its possible health risks and so-called benefits add to the confusion.


Doctors, however, strictly maintain that sleeping in bras is neither harmful nor helpful. Sagging or other alterations in the breast are a result of other factors, the most common ones being breastfeeding and pregnancy. Bra-fitters, on the other hand, are of the opinion that going to sleep in a bra actually helps in gravity. This is because it provides support to the breasts for the whole eight hours, which certainly helps in keeping them up for a longer period of time. According to them, women whose breasts hurt at the time of sleeping should wear a bra.


However, one should never go to bed wearing a bra that has a wire. It should always be a soft-cup one. This is because wired bras can cause cysts or irritation in the breasts. Again, ill-fitted bra is a strict no-no because blood circulation may be blocked or constricted by it.


This prompts the question, what type of bra exactly should one wear to bed at night? The answer to that question lies in stretch cotton bras. The reason is they are made of cotton stretch fabric that are naturally breathable and hence promise absolute comfort and smoothness. There are no stiff elastics or underwire to start with so that you can easily avoid skin irritation issues.


The superior comfort of stretch cotton bras stem from the fact that they have open back and extra wide straps that lessen back strain considerably. The elastic support is broader in this case which guarantees increased support. This is particularly helpful for those who cannot sleep still but constantly toss and turn in bed at night.


Thus, it can be stated that you can definitely get more comfort and support for your breasts by wearing a bra at night provided it is a well-fitting one made of breathable fabric like cotton.

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