The 10 dollar Carole Martin Comfort Bra
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The 10 dollar Carole Martin Comfort Bra

November 20, 2013

The 10 dollar Carole Martin Comfort Bra

The $10 Carole Martin Comfort Bra

Have you heard about the $10 million "Fantasy Bra" from one of the leading lingerie retailers ? Hint: The initials are VS.

Apparently, this bra is crafted by hand with 18-karat gold and a 52 carat pear-shaped ruby as well as thousands of other precious gems including diamonds and sapphires. Just what every woman needs in her dresser drawer for that special occasion.

In an interview, one of the models said that the $10 million bra fit quite nicely though it felt heavy because of all that jewellery. Don't know about you but, we have other ideas on spending $10 million.

How about spending a more modest $10 for a Carole Martin Comfort Bra ? No diamonds, sapphires or even underwires ! Just a great fitting bra featuring front hook and eye closure and a soft stretch fabric. One size fits B, C, D and even DD cups.

Check out Carole Martin's Full-Freedom Comfort Bra available in White, Beige and Black, sizes 34-48 for less than $10. And, with Carole's free shipping , you might want to stock up for the holiday season.

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