This Season's Essential Item: The Comfy T-shirt
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This Season's Essential Item: The Comfy T-shirt

January 31, 2013

This Season's Essential Item: The Comfy T-shirt
Life is too short to not be comfortable. So go ahead and put the comfy T-shirt at the top of your wardrobe list. Why? Because when you are comfortable, you feel relaxed. . T-shirts aren’t just for down time, either. They can be dressed up, sporty and sexy. It’s hard to beat the wardrobe flexibility of a t-shirt. Let’s take a look at how you can be all dressed up and comfortable in a T-shirt!
So, what make a t-shirt comfy?
The Fabric
Soft is comfy. Natural fibers like cotton can be soft, especially when they are washed over time. There are other factors when it comes to how soft your t-shirt feels, though. Like polyester. Too much polyester in a blend is downright uncomfortable and can make you feel like you are wearing a Ziploc. So stick to soft, 100% natural cotton.
If you want to experience super softness, like you are being enveloped in buttery smoothness, try bamboo. Bamboo feels smooth and cool next to your skin. It is naturally antimicrobial and grown in a more sustainable way than cotton. It is pure heaven to wear. Don’t just take my word for it. Go and find a bamboo T-shirt. We are certain you will fall in love with this new fabric.
The Right Fit
T-shirts come in a variety of lengths. If you can, try not to wear your t-shirt too long. It should just cover your abdomen. If you are self conscious of your arm or tummy area, choose a flattering sleeve type. If you find something you like, but it is too big, remember, it can always be altered by a seamstress who will create the perfect sleeve type, length and fit. A seamstress can put in a few darts, which can make your t-shirt hug you in all the right places.
Dressing Up Your Comfy T-Shirt
Whether you are the sporty type, prefer a more classic look or love to dress in your own unique style—you can always dress up a t-shirt. In cooler weather, your T-shirt will look great under a jacket, sweater or blazer. Fitted t-shirts look great in the summer, dressed up with a belt and some nice jeweler. And don’t forget to pay attention to what you are wearing under that t-shirt. A comfort bra can make all the difference to how comfortable you feel in your comfy T-shirt.
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