Where to buy Carole Martin Comfort Bras
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Where to buy Carole Martin Comfort Bras

October 16, 2013

Where to buy Carole Martin Comfort Bras

We frequently receive calls and emails from our customers inquiring about which retail stores carry Carole Martin Comfort Bras.

Although our Full-Freedom Comfort (#7218) and the Full-Freedom Cotton (#7276) styles have been available for sale in mail order channels since the early 1970 s, the Carole Martin Comfort bra brand is a relative newcomer to the retail scene. Here at Carole Martin, one our biggest challenges is to expand our retail distribution.

Until recently, our best selling Full Freedom Comfort Bra was available at most Wal-Mart Canada stores in the checkout sections. This strategic positioning provided the Carole Martin brand with tremendous exposure allowing women to buy a most comfortable bra at a great price. The positioning in Wal-Mart checkout sections was temporary and unfortunately for the time being, Carole Martin Comfort Bras are no longer available at this retailer.

The good news is that other Canadian retail chains have embraced the Carole Martin brand including Giant Tiger, M. Rossy as well as most pharmacy chains in the Province of Québec.

If you live in upstate New York and Vermont, you will find Carole Martin's Full Freedom Comfort and Cotton Bras at most Kinney Drug outlets. 

For a more complete list of retailers, consult our website where to buy Carole Martin Comfort Bras.

Keep watching this space for updates about our retail partners but in the meantime, you can always purchase your favourite Carle Martin Comfort Bra styles on our website. And remember, we pay the shipping no matter how many bras you order.       

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