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Where your opinion counts

What made Carole Martin® successful in the past still works today – great value products combined with responsive and reliable customer service.

When you contact customer service at, you will be dealing directly with a company who is genuinely concerned about your satisfaction with our comfort bra products. Over the years, we have used your feedback to improve on our designs – without changing what made them great in the first place.

Just ask our millions of satisfied purchasers!

Let us know what you think of our products – either positive or negative. Because it only helps us all get better.

Or your money back!


Give a little with every purchase

Every time you purchase a Carole Martin® bra package you are giving back in a small but socially responsible way.

All Carole Martin® bras are packaged in minimalist, re-useable, re-sealable and recyclable zip lock packages. For a lot less waste in our landfills and on our retail store shelves.

While making it a whole lot easier to try before you buy.



How your purchase wiil be identified on a credit card statement?

Carole Martin Comfort Bras is a subsidiaries of Nuvatek Distribution Corporation, developer, marketer and distributor of proven consumer products destined to retail markets. All customer transactions are processed by Nuvatek and will appear on the client's credit card statement.

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