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Update on COVID-19 Preparedness
I would like to take this opportunity to tell you what we at Carole Martin are doing to ensure the highest possible level of customer service within the current climate surrounding the Covid-19 crisis.
Hey Girls, Let’s Take Some Time To Smell The Roses
Today’s modern lifestyle often means balancing the needs of a busy household against career, children, their activities, parents, friends, relatives and even your pet.
International Women’s Day 2020
Will be celebrated on Sunday March 8, 2020 - “An equal world is an enabled world” Despite its long history, the United Nations only officially recognized International Women’s Day in 1975, and, in 1996, began choosing a theme for the annual event.
Better bras, or bust!
Bra sizing matters more than ever, according to research and fashion experts.
Squash and Apple Soup
A simple pureed soup, perfect for a cold winter day especially when locally grown squash and apples are available. Try garnishing with shredded apple or toasted pumpkin seeds.
Winter Comfort - Food and Wellness
January is over and we're struggling to keep up those New Year's resolutions to foster improved lifestyle habits.
The 10 dollar Carole Martin Comfort Bra
Have you heard about the $10 million "Fantasy Bra" from of the leading lingerie retailers ? Hint: The initials are VS.
Carole Martin Comfort Bras in México
Carole Martin Comfort Wear is pleased to announce that Carole Martin Comfort Bras are now available at Sears Mexico.
Where to buy Carole Martin Comfort Bras
We frequently receive calls and emails from our customers inquiring about which retail stores carry Carole Martin Comfort Bras.
A sports bra versus a Carole Martin Active Comfort Bra
We at Carole Martin Comfort Wear - as our name suggests - are in the comfort wear business. Specifically Comfort bras: Carole Martin Comfort Bras.
Better bras, or bust!
“May I?” says the lady who has stepped into the little room with me. She wants to put her hands in my bra. When I let her, she scoops and lifts and pushes and tucks. Somehow, I think I have Angelina Jolie to thank for all this.
How to be Happy!
If you’re like me, thoughts of what brings joy start with “Something just for me” then quickly turn to “Something for us”.
3 Over-Fifty Fitness Tips
I’m a 53-year-old woman but I feel much younger. It’s not that I don’t look 50-something, but I’ve chosen to embrace aging with grace.
2013 Style Tips for Women with Large Busts
Everyone knows large breasts draw attention. How you choose to use that reality is up to you. Well endowed women face unique fashion challenges.
Five Tips for Staying Young
Here at Carole Martin comfort wear, we appreciate the benefits of living well.
How to Find a Larger Fit
Are you a queen-sized woman? Having difficulty finding a bra? You’re not alone.
Bra Shopping Nightmares - Avoid the Ordeal
When’s the last time you used ”bra shopping” and “fun” in the same sentence? Shopping for personal attire is something that most women look forward to.
Resistance Band Workout Exercises
The key to success is often simplicity. Resistance bands are about as simple as you can get, and this is part of what makes them so great.
New sport bra fitting app released
Having trouble finding a comfortable bra? Especially one that also has support? Check out this cool and super-smart app.
Some Healthy Ideas for Post Workout Meals
People usually feel hungry after a rigorous workout. It is actually very important to follow up an exercise session with a proper meal irrespective of the time of day you choose for working out.
Is It a Good Idea to Sleep in a Bra ?
Women suffer from a lot of confusion regarding sleeping in a bra.
This Season's Essential Item: The Comfy T-shirt
Life is too short to not be comfortable. So go ahead and put the comfy T-shirt at the top of your wardrobe list.
The Unique Approach of Pilates
If you really want to enjoy your life, keep your body strong and exercise regularly. Exercise is known to improve immunity, protect against depression and make you feel good in your skin.
Why Have Bra Sizes Increased Over the Last Ten Years
Shopping for a bra can be a daunting task. Many women spend a lot of time in the market and cash trying to find the most ideal for their breasts.
The Perfect Bra to Wear Doing Outdoor Winter Activities
Bras come in handy in the market. However, not all bras are designed for outdoor activities. There are sports bras specially designed for outdoor winter activities such as skiing among other activities.
Getting Back on Track after Your Office Holiday Party
An office holiday party is a nice break from the usual work routines and also a better chance of associating with your workmates since it is one of those events that bring both of you together.
Wearing Comfortable Clothing doing Yoga
When attending a yoga class, you need to wear comfortable clothing. This is because these classes focus on control, flexibility and calmness.
Green underwear Recycling your bras
All bras, even the best bras, have an expiry date. It’s sad to see our best supporters go.
5 extraordinary bras
For our loyal customers, the only bras they need to know are our five versatile and functional styles.
Active comfort: Find the ultimate ease and comfort when active
Recently, one of our staff members spent three weeks hiking in Ecuador.
The making of: The history and artistry of bra design
Though it’s something we put on every day, we hardly think about the design of underwear.
Finding the perfect fit: How to find clothes that flatter
Fashion trends come and go, but fit is forever. No matter what the trends are for the season...
Feeling and looking beautiful at any age
It’s often said that “30 is the new 20”, but even more often you’ll hear “50 is the new 20.”
Overdrive: Surviving and overcoming burnout
At Carole Martin, we design bras for easy living.
When bigger isn't better: Large breasts and back pain
For some big-breasted women, a walk in the park is anything but.
4 summertime activities for fun and relaxation
Summertime and the livin’ is easy. Hot weather and long days can make for some of the best days of the year.
Your best year yet starts today: A short guide to self-empowerment
The Atlantic’s July cover story, “Why women still can’t have it all,” made headlines...
Strong and stylish: Inspirational women in fashion
If you’ve ever worn a Carole Martin Comfort Bra, you know how the things we wear are more than just garments.
Your opinion counts: Help make our bras even more comfortable
More than four decades ago, Carole Martin was a company with a great idea, solid values and a product designed for real women.
The best breast test
Tests are no fun. All through life, we have to take exams to prove our smarts and abilities.
Carole Martin supports women
For over a decade, Carole Martin has given you the comfort you deserve.
6 time savers for busy women
Your schedule is seriously jam-packed. Between professional, social, and family engagements, there’s hardly a minute.
How a better bra can make you slimmer
Have you been avoiding jogging or other exercise because it makes your breasts hurt?
Many of us have spent the majority of our time working to make our home lives more comfortable...
Easy ways to love your body
You have only one body, and it has to carry you through life. Show it some love!
Words to inspire your freedom
Along with providing our customers with the ultimate in comfortable bras, Carole Martin also has a culture that’s all about your freedom, everyday.
How to buy a sports bra
If you’re following through with your new year’s resolutions, chances are you’re back at the gym.
Feel comfortable in your own skin: Here's how
One of the most universally hated experiences is shopping for a new bathing suit.
Four foolproof ways to find time for yourself
On the threshold of a new year, it's time to take stock of the year that's passed.
You don’t need a bra fitting here’s why
Considering the number of women who will testify that a perfectly fitting bra can make all the difference in comfort, it's surprising that most of us wear bras that just don't fit.
3 wonderful ways to relax and recharge
After a long day at the office or a busy day running errands, the grind can get you down. It's important to de-stress at the end of the day and make time for yourself.
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